About Gipper1

We are designed to identify and execute on quick wins using data and tools you already have. Many data challenges can be attacked without long and expensive discoveries, and nearly all can start small and grow. We are not the suited big consultancies, we are a team of hungry people that understand data and wake up every day figuring out how to make our customers happier.

When needed, we can execute on bigger projects combining our deep business intelligence expertise with our experience using every standard BI product on the market and our ability to build custom applications and dashboards. It’s a toolset that allows us to tackle nearly every data challenge our customers, the worlds biggest and fast growing companies, have thrown at us.

Business Intelligence

Data acquisition, analytics, and visualization. Gipper1 provides elegant, scalable and usable business intelligence that combines data you already have with our expertise so that you can grow your business and make better business decisions. Whether you need help with an immediate pain point and need to meet today’s demands for advanced analysis and visualization using large and complex data, Gipper1 provides the strategy, tools, and services to move your business forward.

Data Driven Applications

Too often, our customers do not have a way to access and use critical data — data they already collect and manage, data that is essential to the work they do.


At Gipper1, we build high quality business applications that allow you to use that data effectively to support the sales, marketing, and operations of your business. Our applications are purpose built to run on the web or any number of mobile devices and tablets.

Cloud Computing

Data needs a place to live. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we specialize in helping you leverage AWS cloud services to host your application and manage business critical data. While many companies have existing internal hosting resources, AWS is a way to quickly and effectively get our applications and your data into the cloud.